UI questions

 From:  Sharif (SR13765)

I am trying to get the scripts that I use organized in a Drop Down menu format. I have created the menu using HTML and CSS (see attached file). I was wondering
if it is possible to incorporate this menu in the UI; here the questions I have;

a). I have positioned the menu on the command bar, but it is not activated. I used this code but it is not working;

<moi:CommandMenuButton menu="PluginTest.html">plugins</moi:CommandMenuButton>

what is the correct way to do this?

b). what would be the code line for linking the submenu items to a script? As an example the "pipe" item under solid menu to be linked to pipe script. following is the code for solid submenu section (see attached text file).

I appreciate any help.


EDITED: 6 Dec 2011 by SR13765