Sound of MoI

 From:  Jeff Hammond (JEFF_HAMMOND)
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>>In French we said "Moy" (like toy or boy) so just one sound syllabe

i always thought you guys said it like mullah without the Ls.. which also comes out as one syllable.. (and is how i've been pronouncing this apps' name)

[edit] funnily enough, i just tried to see how my computer pronounces it and it says it the same way i do..

if you have a mac, highlight moi then right click->speech->start speaking

[edit2] oh wait, i typed mullah as a spelling for the slang meaning money (moolah?).. i don't think 'Mullah' (Islamic guy) is the same pronunciation as i intended.. i'll stop now though.. this typing of pronunciations on the interwebs can get very confusing very quickly! :D