Surface Modeling Basics and Troubleshooting

 From:  Jops
Hello There,

first, thanks a lott!!! amazing what amound of help and good advice I get here in so short time. so, thanks a lot for that.

As you guys expected I come from poly and simple nurbs modeling. that kind of stuff that you find in most major 3D animation packages. never the less I thought I realised the main differences and the advantages of nurbsmodelling (good boolean for example). but there are quite some things that I miss interpreted. I for example thought that if you use one and the same spline for 2 surfaces that they would match together.

But as I understand your advice. never handle with something different than closed shapes. and use trims and booleans with it. doublecheck if the result is a closed shape again.

Is there a way to check whether something is a closed shape?

and the secons thing I learned: If you ever have a batch of single surfaces that you want to connect. try it in different scales. by the way to be able to define a treshhold and get a realtime feetback (color) which shapes conected would be great i think.

so... thanks a lot for your advice.. I now go on and will try to adopt it.

best regards