Changing center of rotation

 From:  tyglik
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Richard, Richard....Always? I don't think so. When using Reset, ResetAll or ZoomArea command, the camera centre of rotation is changed.

I have an evidence... hehe

Another tip - you can use sub-object selection combined with Reset on the view controls panel at the bottom of the viewport, to more easily zoom in on a small region of the model. When you push that reset button, it will fit the selected object to take up the whole view. You can push reset a second time to fit the view to everything including unselected stuff. One frequent technique is to fit to a sub-object selection, but then zoom out slightly to see a bit more - the reason for doing it this way is to make rotation work properly in the 3D view. The fit-to-selected-object also places the view rotation pivot at the center of that selected object, so when you zoom out a bit from there your view rotations will happen anchored around that spot. You can also set your view rotation pivot by using the area zoom - the center point you pick there becomes the rotation pivot.