From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, so it looks like the slider does not automatically fire a "UI event" when it is changed which is why you're not getting the updates in your script. That's a bug that I should be able to fix up.

At the moment a quick fix is to set up a handler for onvaluechange="" on the slider which is fired when you release the mouse after adjusting the slider. You can then fire a UI event from inside there, that should then get things working like you were expecting.

The way that works is you add in an inline event handler for the slider saying:

That means that when you do an adjustment and release the mouse, your script will get an event of that slider's id value like you were expecting to get. The whole slider with that event handler on it would look something like this:
<moi:Slider id="curve_slider" onvaluechange="moi.ui.fireUIEvent(id);" value="2.0" min="0.0" max="3.5"/>

I'll tune up the slider for the next release so that you won't need to add that onvaluechange="" part, it will automatically fire the UI event.

The other part of your script that says: dlg.event == 'nValue.' should actually fire already, (as long as you don't really have that extra . character in there at the end, that looks like a typo just in the message above?) when someone clicks on the edit field and changes it directly instead of it getting changed from the slider update.

> In your code example, is the "this" in ("myinput" binding ="this.value = myslider.value" />)
> a required syntax word, or just an example?

It's not required, it's optional, I just added it to try and clarify what was going on there - if it's not there it's implicit that the property on the left side of the = belongs to the element that the binding="" attribute is actually declared on.

Another optional part is that you can leave out the mid="" declaration on the slider if you want the mid to just automatically be 1/2 the way between min and max - it's only there if you want to have slightly different spread ranges for the left half and right half of the slider.

Hopefully this is all making sense? :)

- Michael