From:  bemfarmer
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Thank you very much Michael.

The display of the slider seems fine. The value changes in the little box. CSS is not modified.

But moving the slider has no update effect. I think that an UPDATE in .js for the slider, nValue, or curve_slider.value is needed, but have not been able to
puzzle it out. Twist uses the factory "input slot", so it doesn't help.

Question: What is the proper "update" script in .js?

The standard if ... dlg.event == 'nValue.' || dlg.event == 'curve_slider'... update... does not seem to help at all.
(If the slider is changed, done pushed, an the script restarted, the slider value does change.)

In your code example, is the "this" in ("myinput" binding ="this.value = myslider.value" />) a required syntax word, or just an example?

Thank You