From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, sorry I think I misunderstood what you were asking about previously.

I had thought when you asked about sliders being used elsewhere, you were asking about using them totally outside of MoI like on a regular web page on your own web server, but it looks like you are asking about using them in a new plug-in command.

> For a slider on a new MoI script, do not believe it is necessary to
> mess with css at all.

That's correct - if you're using them in a plug-in command you don't need to mess around with the css at all, you would only change the css if you wanted to change how the sliders actually looked within MoI.

> May add a line or two to the EnglishStrings.txt such as " Euler spiral
> curvature slider label=Curvature ." (I think)

You can do that, but once again I may have mislead you a bit - for all of MoI's built in commands the text comes from those string tables.

But when you're doing a plug-in command it's kind of hard for the plug-in to put its text in those string tables because it would mean modifying a bunch of files instead of only placing in new files in the \commands sub-folder.

So when you're doing a plug-in command that you want to be able to send to other people, for that case it is probably better to just put in your hard coded text directly into the HTML instead of using the string table mechanism.

In the future I want to make it possible for a plug-in to have a kind of mini string table that can come along with it so that it would be easier to have translated text for a plug-in but for right now there is no mechanism like that.

- Michael