From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian,

> (Did not think I should modify MoI programs, like css ... :-)) )

I see - you can modify the css if you want, but it's not necessary to modify the css just to make use of existing controls in a new command - the css basically controls the visual style of the UI so it would be something you would only edit if you wanted to change how the controls looked.

You can also apply "inline css" that's attached directly to a single element - that's what those style="" declarations do. That allows you to override the default css properties for just one particular control. The main moi.css file basically sets up a lot of stuff that sets the default appearance of various controls and UI elements. This mechanism of inline styles overriding the default style sheet is what the "cascade" part of the c in "css" is about.

Some of the frequent kinds of inline css that you might use are setting an element's width, or setting it to style="display:none" so that it's hidden initially.

- Michael