From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, also looking back in this thread you mentioned:

> Edit...Do not want to exceed the allowable modifications...(?)

Are you talking here about a forum message edit, or modifications to MoI's commands?

You can certainly modify anything that you want in MoI - that's one of the interesting things about MoI is that you can have access to all the UI that makes it up and edit it and also create new commands with your own scripts.

The only caveat is that during the beta period some parts of the UI toolkit may change and that could possibly mean that modifications that you make that depend on things that have changed may not directly work anymore...

Even just fixing bugs can change things, like in the next beta when that slider bug is fixed you'll probably want to take out that event handler for onvaluechange="" so that you won't get the UI event twice in your script.

- Michael