stupid question regarding meshing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Al, I've cooked up a script that I think does what you want with this kind of listing.

In order to use the script, download the attached ListCoordinates.js file and put it somewhere like c:\scripts

Then to trigger the script you need to set up a keyboard shortcut. To do that go to Options > Shortcut keys, and push the Add button to add in a new blank entry at the top.

In the left hand "Key" column put in whatever key or key combo you want to use to trigger it, like for example you could put in L there if you want this script to run when you push the L key.

Then in the "Command" right-hand column put in the full path to the ListCoordinates.js file, so for example if you put it into a c:\scripts folder you would put this in for the command part:

The way the script works is that it gathers up all the selected point and curve objects and puts the point location and curve endpoints into a text list that it then copies to the clipboard. So after you run it you can then go to a text editor like notepad and do a paste in there to get the text list.

Don't forget that it works on selected objects, so make sure you select the things you want to list before running the script.

I hope that does what you were needing.

- Michael