From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin - in your new screencast above you seem to be importing a different file named "Untitled 2.stp" - note the "2" - which is a different file than the one you attached in your original message here which was "Untitled 1".

If I repeat the same steps you are doing with the "Untitled 1" file I get the proper result that you were expecting. Can you verify that?

How did you generate the "Untitled 2" file, did you possibly save it out from MoI after having done an import with that "scale on import different units" option turned off? If so then that would explain it because that "Untitled 2" file is now a file that has its units set to mm but did not have the objects in it scaled from inches to mm.

Please let me know if that does not seem to be right.

- Michael