From:  turlif
Thank you for the interest in our technology. To help clarify our technology is not mesh, nurbs, or voxel based (however our framework is able it take in meshs and voxels and convert them). Our approach is entirely new to commercial software (it has been in research for over 20 years - personal computation is now fast enough to commercialize). Our approach can model objects difficult or not possible with existing software. If you use our software for a few days you can easily understand how our technology is different.

At the moment the freely available Maker plugin to Rhino it is aimed towards CAD/CAM and is very good at allowing users to explore designs and shapes - mechanical to organic and blends between the two. It has also been designed to work well with 3D printing. Every object in our system is *always* watertight so you do not have to guess if it is ready to be fabricated (no cracks, internal surfaces, etc..). In addition users can easily add complex microstructures to there models and can send slices directly to a 3D printer rather than producing suboptimal STL meshes.

For more information about what we do, you can read here:

We also just received a small article at http://fabbaloo.com/ that explains some aspect of our system.

Hope illuminates what we are up to - happy to answer any other queries.