Thank you for MoI! I have some questions.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Trudel - thanks, I'm glad you like MoI!

> Import from Sketchup via Amapi 3D 6.1 iges works. But only edges were import, no faces.

IGES is mostly designed to hold NURBS surface data, not polygon data. So when you try to export polygon data to an IGES file, Amapi decides to put the edge curves of the polygons into the IGES file so that there will be something in there instead of nothing...

It is difficult to try to bring the Sketchup data straight into MoI because Sketchup works on polygon data, and MoI works only on smooth surface data. So the basic type of geometry that each program works on is sort of different.

MoI is able to export smooth surfaces to a polygon format by dicing the smooth surface up into facets. But it is difficult to go the other way - from facets to smooth data, that is sort of like trying to go from applesauce back into apples again...

- Michael