Thank you for MoI! I have some questions.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> My fiancee is a SketchUp user and is already asking be how to get her stuff
> into MoI so she can detail it.

Unfortunately SketchUp to MoI is a difficult direction to go, since SketchUp is Polygon based, and MoI doesn't work on polygons, only NURBS.

You can go the other way because MoI has a method to dice up NURBS surfaces into polygons.

But going polygons to NURBS is a problem. It's kind of like trying to go from applesauce back to apples...

> The way you have MoI designed I may never have to touch the keyboard
> during the modeling process, and as a Wacom user that is a huge improvement
> on other apps.

Great, I'm glad you like it! Yes, the ability to model without touching the keyboard is a pretty unique feature of MoI. It was difficult to get it set up, it meant I had to throw out a bunch of typical conventions, especially for stuff with modifier keys like holding down shift, etc...

But not having to touch the keyboard opens up some nice possibilities - you can have different postures, like leaning back in your chair, or also use different devices such as a TabletPC.

> I am also reading up on Rhino tutorials to getter a better feel for the nurbs
> modeling workflow. It seems a lot of it will carry over well to MoI.

Yes, definitely a lot will carry over. Some of the specific details will be different, but the overall strategies will carry over well.

If you have other questions, please post them here.

- Michael