Thank you for MoI! I have some questions.

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Wow, thank you for the fast and helpful reply! I love how MoI is so simplistic and easy to get into, but deep as well. My fiancee is a SketchUp user and is already asking be how to get her stuff into MoI so she can detail it.

The UI and selection options you mentioned for me to try out are all great solutions to the questions I had. The way you have MoI designed I may never have to touch the keyboard during the modeling process, and as a Wacom user that is a huge improvement on other apps.

Thanks for the tips on sweeping. I have no problem with modeling out my sweeps, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing out on some simple workflow I had seen someone else use. I am also reading up on Rhino tutorials to getter a better feel for the nurbs modeling workflow. It seems a lot of it will carry over well to MoI.