Thank you for MoI! I have some questions.

MoI has gotten me into NURBS modeling, thanks! I generally use SubD modeling and become very frustrated when attempting to create detailed hard surface models. I have seen the possibilities with SketchUp, another great program, but I always felt limited by what I could do in it. Also, thank you so much for creating a Wacom friendly app. This is the only modeling tool I can use with just my stylus!

I have a few questions though. I have been searching through the forums, but perhaps have missed the answers. I apologize if my terminology is off because I am new to NURBS and only now am grasping the concepts and workflows.

1) Is there a way to lock object movement to an Axis once MoI has guessed correctly and snapped? MoI's Straight Snap tries to guess which Axis I want to move along and very often is correct, but once it has guessed the axis I want to move along it would be nice to be able to lock it to that axis. Sometimes in the middle of a movement, say along Z, it may switch for a moment to Y, ruining my movement. Or because I am not dragging perfectly straight it may slip off of the axis.

2) Is there a way to force a subcomponent selection type? Sometimes if there are many Lines/Curves around a surface I want to select it is hard to select the surface I want. Zooming in very close helps, but the process can still be frustrating.

3) Are there any additional selection tools options I may be missing beyond the click selection and area selection tools? For example can I force the area selection to select anything the boundary intersects, or only objects it fully encompasses? Or are there additional options such as Photoshop's Lasso or Polygonal selection tools?

Finally, I have a question on sweeping around corners. One of the things I love about MoI and NURBS modeling is the ease of adding detail to objects using Boolean/Diff. On the forums I saw a cool looking detailed Inhaler object which utilized a Trim/Sweep/Diff approach to creating a curvy groove around a curved surface. I have tried to accomplish this on a "boxier" type of object but have not figured out the workflow to do so. A trim creates a separate line/curve for each side of the box and I am unable to sweep a profile completely around the box to in a way that will create a nice looking groove after the boolean/diff. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

Here is the first method I tried using single rail sweeps:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here is the second method using two rail sweeps and trim:
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