Setting regarding display/faceting

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sebastian - when you export from MoI to Alibre using any of the 3DM, STEP, IGES, or SAT file formats, you're actually transferring the full NURBS surface data over to Alibre, not polygon data.

When you do that kind of transfer, it is then up to Alibre to decide how to display those surfaces and edges, there is nothing in those file types for MoI to set at export time for controlling the display in other applications.

So this is an Alibre issue that you'd need to ask Alibre support about.

But really it's purely a display issue, and usually it's best to just ignore imperfections in the on-screen realtime display, it's not at all unusual for there to be various kinds of glitches in the real-time display since it's very focused on being fast and not on producing a perfect image.

Those edges look so smooth in MoI because MoI uses a different method for displaying them - in MoI edges and curves are automatically refined for each particular view until there is no more than a 1 pixel gap between the displayed lines and the actual curve geometry. That method makes for a nice display like you noticed but it's also a more complex mechanism to get working well, so it's not unusual for CAD applications to use an easier method which is to use the edges of triangles from the surface triangulation for displaying the edges.

But the slightly more jagged appearance of the edges in Alibre should not actually interfere with you actually working on the model, the real edge geometry is curved there, it's only the display of it that has that jagged look to it.

If you want that to be improved, you'd have to ask Alibre to either implement a different edge display mechanism, or to expose more settings since the "max" setting is not quite high enough for your particular case here. These are not simple things to mess with though, it's really easy to mess up the display performance if these kinds of things are not done carefully so I would not really expect for them to be able to implement a request like that anytime too soon.

For the most part you will see that same kind of display issue in most other CAD programs, it just happens to be a nice feature of MoI that it has a particularly nice edge and curve display mechanism which took a considerable amount of effort to develop.

- Michael