Couple of recents models

 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
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ok, I understand what you mean but I was thinking more of the problem caused by the size of the bit and not being able to cut the corner square kind of stuff and or all the areas where be bit can't reach the bottom of the "ideal" cut without touching and cutting the side as well. In the case of your CNC, do you know how this is handle to prevent overcut? I also understand as a last result "elbow grease" may be necessary to finish the job almost perfectly.

I assume it's also possible to tweak the design such that they are no areas the bit can't reach without overcut. In this specific case, it seems like some areas of the rope near the base are unreachable from the top but I may be wrong. The rest is much less obvious.

I'll just add, I still like this piece very much, great work.