Combine same named objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi kailash,

> PS: Do you know a 3D programm that imports the
> obj file as separate objects?

I did a quick test with Silo and it comes into there as 3 separate objects all named the same.

If you open up the file in a text editor you can see that there are 3 different places in the file that begin a new object with a "g" and "o" statement like this:

o box
g box

That's how you can verify by looking at the file itself that it is made up of 3 separate objects (each with the same name) and not just one big combined object. But it's up to whatever program you are importing into to decide what to do when it sees several objects in the file with the same name - it looks like Cinema4D decides to combine them into one object in that case.

- Michael