Rendering questions?

 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)

I agree it would be nice to do everthing inside Moi but I don't think Michael sees it that way and it would bring it to the same level as other programs that we started to use much less then Moi because of their complexity.

Mike, I was surprised to see an obj file without material of any kind but with named objects come in nicely in Kerky but without names in Blender. I guess we all no where to address our complaints. With lwo format, I got both the names and "styles" (materials) in Blender

I think I can figure out if a program will do by looking at the features and other sell materials provided or even dowloading the trial version if it seems ok.

From what I've seen so far, I guess I'll have to be careful on how I name things and how I use styles in Moi such that I have minimal overhead sort of speak outside of Moi. If I understand what Michael is coming up with in V3, at some point, we may have a quite different way of interacting with the outside world in the future. We'll just have to be patient a little bit more.

For now, I'll keep investigating Blender Cycles, it sounds promissing and cost very little. Did I mentioned Cycles is an hybrid node based physical renderer.

Thank you all,