Invention of the Bicycle

 From:  Bard (BFM)
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Hello Michael,

That made me think to the "Draisienne" invented by the German, Baron Von Drais. In English it is known under "Hobby-Horse" or "Balance-Bike".

I have to say that to draw with MoI is enough pleasant. I don't know how you arrive to give this suppleness & flexibility to the strokes (lines); same in Flash, Illustrator, &c, we havn't this sensation when we draw freehand (Sketch).

I deliver for the fun, some "Instructions" for this "HorseBike": The drive system was by "Synergitic Motion"; from "SY = STAR, & much else besides"; by synthetisation of star-dust power. That is a complex overlapping of magnetized twists & turns, represented by interlacings & drawing fixed in currents, streams, or different ternary or more polarities.
The wheels are in speed progression according to intelligence of plants, which, by nature & naturally, from NATURE, knows perfectly & absolutely to feed, all that is in life, or living on Earth.

The whole make an instrument of Music named "Crotales", twin metallic round big castanets for Spectacles (Spectacle is also a pair of Glasses to see better). The "Crotales" are always used in North Africa; they are called "Qraqech, Qarqabats"; but it's always to say "To rattle", to imitate the bell of a Rattlesnake (Crotale).
When, we was child, we put a clothes peg with a piece of cardboard in the spokes of our bicycles, to make the sound of the Rattle (Crécelle). Rattle, Snake, Music, Danse & Bicycle... A whole World, a Song.