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thanks for your comments.

For this view or scene or whatever one can call it, I saved the file first, I duplicated everything I wanted to show (just in case) and hide everything else, gave it a new style, turn the grid off and change the background color, made change to the lighting and then saved some screenshots. When all this was done, I quit Moi without saving and reopen the file. I'm sure there are a zillion ways one can do this and I imagine it can be difficult to do in the Moi spirits of things. But I'd like to see something like a pseudo rendered view of our work where you could setup render options independendtly from the normal view. For example, I often use style with the default color just to group some object to control their visibility in addition to naming individual objects, in my case it's easy as I have a single "color" I want to use. When you have a large number of objects, close to 300 in this case, a myriad of styles and named objects it would be nice to have a mean to distinguish a "work" setup and a kind of "scene" or "rendered" setup. If you add to this exports for real rendering for example, things could get even more complicated depending on whats available with each export format, etc.

All in all, I'd be happy with something simple but effective to create screenshots with a minimal number of operation even if I have to quit Moi and reload the file and continue working on my models. But maybe we should do all this externaly such that Moi doesn't loose itself in the process. Just a thought.

Thanks again Michael,

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