From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Felix, here's a script that you can put on a shortcut key which should do the following process -

First it stores the current viewport background color

Then it sets the background color to black.

Then it sets the line width to 4 pixels wide.

Then it turns the grid and grid axis lines off.

Then it generates a snapshot of the viewport to the clipboard, at a resolution of 2560x2560

Then it restores line width, the viewport background color and turns the grid display back on:

script: /* Custom screenshot */ var prev_background = moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = 0x000000; moi.view.lineWidth = 4; moi.grid.display = false; moi.grid.showXYAxes = false; moi.ui.getActiveViewport().renderToClipboard( 2560, 2560 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; moi.grid.display = true; moi.grid.showXYAxes = true; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = prev_background;

To set that up, go to Options > Shortcut keys and add in a new one, and in the command part paste in the above script.

It's also possible to switch lighting settings around in the script just for the screenshot and then back again - if you'd like it to do that I'd need to know the particular settings that you want to be used.

- Michael