A Note About Mesh Angle

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike,

> Then as you sit at idle with a still model, an off-screen
> rendering of some type would creep in.

I'm not sure about doing something that's totally view dependent like that - I'm kind of thinking more along the lines of the current non-view-dependent generated mesh, but having both a coarse one, and a finer one. Still view independent though so that once stuff is finally calculated it wouldn't have to crunch on that mesh generation stuff anymore.

The part that could be good would be removing having just a single global setting for it, which like you described in this thread can actually be harmful if it is set too low.

The coarse mesh would be the first one generated, so the initial file load would be leaner on memory consumption and also would just show up on the screen a bit quicker. Then the idea is that as you continue working some higher res (but still view independent) meshes could be created, if you had plenty of memory available, and as those higher res ones were completed they would then get used so the display would improve after that.

There are still some tricky things to figure out what that though, one is making sure not to run out of memory while making higher res meshes and another one is to handle stuff like what if you shut down the current model and open a new one while it is busy calculating higher res meshes in the background, it has to deal with stuff like that which is possible, just kind of delicate to handle.

- Michael