A Note About Mesh Angle

 From:  Michael Gibson
4695.2 In reply to 4695.1 
Hi Mike, yeah at a max allowed angle of 2 degrees the display mesh is going to be massively dense and that will bog things down a lot as MoI tries to send a tremendous amount of information to your video card on every screen draw.

Even the default 10 degrees gives a pretty dense mesh, so it's really not a good idea to go down much from that - instead if you've got a pretty heavy model you may want to loosen it to 25 degrees or so which will help to reduce memory consumption and overall load quite a bit on heavier models.

In the future I'd like to change how this works to be kind of more automatically managed - something like initially mesh everything at a rough angle and then try to do a more refined one in the background or something instead of only having a single setting for it. But that will take some time to experiment with.

- Michael