Dimensions in MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
4694.2 In reply to 4694.1 
Hi eric,

> Are you likely to get to 2d dimensions and printable line types in V3?
> or maybe a dwg or dxf export?

It's too early yet to know exactly what will happen in this area, but probably the first priority for this general area will be to do a 2D DXF export.

That will probably take plenty of effort just to make that part alone function well enough, so I'm not really sure about how many more things after that in the area of print & annotation that I will be able to get to in v3. Possibly some more if other areas don't take a whole lot of time, possibly not any more if other modeling features take a long time to develop.

Right now it's early enough in the v3 process that I don't really know what specifically is going to end up in it yet.

But I figure that if I can at least get a 2D DXF transfer working well that is a major step towards making an annotated drawing a lot easier.

- Michael