From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Felix, so a quick look at the .eps file shows me why it's not being read - the original older AI format (for AI v8 and previous) had a simple file structure where each instruction for each step of the curve (like the next bezier segment or next line endpoint) was on its own separate line in the AI file. MoI's importer will try to scan through EPS or PDF files for those same instructions but they're not necessarily in that "one line per instruction" format in those files although often they are.

In this case they aren't though, the curve data is like this:

103.461 512.148 m 99.941 522.164 100.609 533.582 105.273 543.121 c
109.938 552.66 118.535 560.199 128.602 563.578 c 140.496 567.566
154.066 565.637 164.797 559.141 c 175.527 552.645 183.398 541.836
187.055 529.832 c 190.711 517.832 190.266 504.746 186.582 492.754 c

Each of those m and c tokens are an instruction, and instead of them being one per line they're all kind of mashed together in one long stream with line breaks just at some arbitrary line length.

I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to tweak MoI's importers to deal with this kind of stuff, but if I was able to do it it would increase the number of eps and pdf files that MoI's importer could deal with so it's probably worth a shot.

It's too bad that they didn't simply put in some line breaks after each instruction so that their EPS file fell into the same structure as the old AI v8 format, because if they just did that the EPS data would be basically equivalent to the AI8 format and would probably work with with many AI8 readers directly just by renaming the file to .ai from .eps .

- Michael