I tried 'Flow' but...

 From:  JPBWEB
I find that the new 'Flow' command is a lot of fun but I am still scratching my head to find ways to use it for practical purposes in my own field of interest, which is mostly ship modeling.

I tried applying rivets to a funnel, which worked very well. I unrolled the various panels (in Rhino as I would not know how to to that with MoI) then applied all the rivets (just little round balls in this case) to the flat panels using Array along offset curves of the edges and fiddling a little with space/count to get reasonable spread of rivets). I had trouble doing Boolean afterwards on the results to merge the solid rivets with the solid funnel, some rivet stubbornly refusing the mass-merge and requiring individual command, and a few permanently not merging at all, thus requiring a local redo. may have had similar trouble had I used with more mundane array etc. that might have been easier to manage in this particular case study anyway.

However, I then tried a non-ship-specific case with a clock, that worked well enough, but some of the shapes developed a wavy side that I wonder about, probably because of the steep angle near the tip of the dome, but I guess that this is the whole point with Flow as a decal-like process. I tried the various options, but these gave odd results. Would there be a way to correct this slight distortion?