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 From:  Bard (BFM)
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Hello m-dynamics,

When I said: "I want to play on Atari", it's a joke. It's just to say all that we have lost. We say always: "To run to disaster", & not "To walk to disaster". The "speed" factor is a destructive & invasive concept. I see today, a simple Letter takes more 3 days to cover only 30 kilometers, & all the "public-services" sold & destroyed. YES! Hurrah for the PROGRESS, a POLITIC & ADVERTISERS vision of liars completely bad & stupid, without culture or knowledge of the LIVING.
A number or a numeral is not LIFE or LIVING. An IMAGE is always something FALSE or WRONG, it's never the real, the reality, the true or guenuine. Is a PHOTO the reality? NO. Do you want to pass your life like the pilots in their simulator who learn their job to avoid to kill 500 peoples at each human error? ... What world of technology could to replace in 50 years, that the NATURE has built during bimillions years? Do you think that NATURE is a binary machine made to be sucked like a marrowbone? ...
It must to listen the word "PROGRESS". They are so many great & good reasons to stop this PROGRESS. PROGRESS is a word built with "SAND" like the "SANDTONE". PROGRESS = TO PUSH or FOR SAND (GRÈS in French; even, GRAISSE, GRÂCE, GROS; greas, fat, obese). It's easy & pleasant to walk on the sand; to run it's harder & often it's just QUICKSAND (QUICK, COUIC, EEK = TO KILL, KAPUT, UCCIDERE, MATAR).

I'm not interested by any virtual hi-tech prosthesis for ill or sick, who make business & money for their buttocks; I'm not a "PREDATOR" (Word from "PRICE after threats, blackmails, piracy, hostages, slaughters"), I am an ANIMAL, a MANKIND, a BEING, a SAVAGE (From SAVE, SAFE). We have first to well learn & to say correctly the Letters of our Alphabets, to refill the sea with fishes, to replant billions trees, & to stop all these stupid religions for poors people totally ignorant, uncultivated of their identity, history, language, ancesters & NATURE. That will be TO PROGRESS and same better: TO EVOLVE, TO RAISE, to become HIGH or real BEING; as my Ancesters, older 30.000 years BC who painted Horses & Bulls (Taurus) on the stones; they havn't never lived in caves & was not like big hairy monkeys.
For info: All the dinosaurs had feathers. It's a recent progress of the last researches (Spielberg & others 3D movie-makers are totally ridiculous now. Anyway, a Monster it's always monstrous, dreadful, ghastly, godawful).

The Humans mistooks too often "speed & precipitation" & the progress has never to forget some first fondamental & primal principles of LIFE: "Heart beating" & "horse's gallop speed". To go faster these 2 things is very very bad for the health. That's also remember me a sentence from Racine (17e century): "Who wants to travel far, spares his mount".

Anyway, I am ready for the new world since more 10 years yet. I see too much the Past, the Present & the Future in same time. I have left since a long time the level of IRON; & that I want now it's the EVOLUTION or REVOLUTION, not a thing called by Churchies & Sects "PROGRESS", in reality "DIGRESS"...
To run on QUICKSAND it's not a good advise.