Sync moi.ini with dropbox ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus, for that right click on the MoI app and choose "Show package contents", then inside there run the - a dialog will appear and push the "Advanced" button, then on the next dialog that appears you can enter in command line parameters for moi.exe in the field marked "EXE flags".

Put the full path and filename to the location of the moi.ini file that you want to use in there as a command line parameter and then that should probably work. If there are any spaces in the path put double quotes " " around the whole path.

Then to verify that it's working, push that "Edit .ini file" button inside of MoI to see if it's using that moi.ini file or not.

Probably a UNIX path will work there, like: /Users/michael/moi.ini , but if a regular UNIX path does not seem to work you can instead put in a Windows path there using a z: drive which maps to the UNIX root, so for example z:\Users\michael\moi.ini . But try using the UNIX path first and let me know if that doesn't work so I can fix that up if needed.

- Michael