Just completed my first MoI project...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi bigseb,

> The workflow for the above renders was MoI --> .igs --> Alibre --> .bip --> Keyshot.
> The facetting seen in the renders is, imo, the result of a bug in Alibre.

The thing is, when you convert into .bip format, the geometry in the .bip will actually contain 100% triangular facets in it.

You just won't be able to notice it as much in areas where a lot of facets were generated.

Many meshing engines have various parameters in them that control how the meshing engine will decide for whether to subdivide things into more facets in a particular area or not.

If there are any mesh generation settings like that available for you to tweak, you could possibly solve the bug by adjusting those parameters.

- Michael