Just completed my first MoI project...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi bigseb, that's a great result and should make a nice gift, nice details on the frame!

I'm glad that you are liking MoI!

> The second image shows some facetting on the 'bridge'. I believe
> this is due to some import/export bugs in Alibre.
> The workflow here is MoI --> .igs --> Alibre --> .bip --> Keyshot

The part going from Alibre to .bip format will involve Alibre converting from NURBS surface data into triangle mesh polygon data instead, and you can get that kind of visible faceting in areas where not quite enough triangles were used for that conversion process.

Somewhere during the export from Alibre to .bip there may be an option for increasing the density of the generated mesh, if you bump that up that should help reduce the appearance of faceting.

- Michael