Flow - Projection Rigid Placement Issue

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
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Seems this was a good test of the limits to this type of flow!
Thanks for illuminating a mystery to me.

I tried it again using a standard Flow with a Revolved surface as a reference.
The "Rigid" option was activated and it did a pretty good job with matching the placement.
Though, this was an example. A shower head this extreme would get half the bathroom wet.

Yes, the above could have been done with a simple circular Array with objects originally positioned to point outward from the surface normal,
but you could also do oblong and strangely shaped target surfaces.

So, Flow Projection is best for quick logos, simple items and items that are small in real estate compared to the target surface.
Flow (standard) will warp the flow of the objects in reference of one surface to another.

Thanks, Michael!