From:  Michael Gibson
4666.7 In reply to 4666.3 
Hi bigseb,

> - V3 is in the beta phase, what is the planned release date?

It's still in the early stages of v3, there is not yet any specific fixed release date set yet.

I don't really have a "set in stone" development approach for MoI, see here for more info:

> - What is the planned pricepoint for V3? Price for upgrade?

I'm not sure about this yet. The upgrade price from V1 to V2 was $100 USD though to give you some frame of reference for what to generally expect as far as upgrades go.

> - Can v3 be used work project or is it still buggy?

It's a big goal to keep the betas stable and usable for regular projects.

Most people that use MoI heavily use the latest beta version for their regular work.

- Michael