From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Good to see you finally come around to the forum Sebastian ;)
I can answer some of those questions, Michael will fill you in on the rest as I'm not 100% sure about them.

> V3 is in the beta phase, what is the planned release date?

This question comes up a lot, the V3 beta has just been released a few weeks ago so final release will be somewhere in the future from today........or tomorrow ;)

> Can I run V2 and V3 alongside one another i.e. on the same machine?

Yes you can, V3 will install in it's own directory and pick up your V2 ini file.

> What is the planned pricepoint for V3? Price for upgrade?

No idea :)

> Can v3 be used work project or is it still buggy?

With any beta release it's not recommended but a lot of people here will tell you the beta version of MoI is as stable or even better than many full release CAD software.

Hope that satisfies some.