Fashion boots

 From:  Mauro (M-DYNAMICS)
Hi guys:recently i worked on woman boot's accessories,i never modeled boots or shoes and i needed a pair to do the job.
i started to put my wife's boots on a A4 sheet,then copy the sole's shape,scanerized it then import image in MOI
draw a flat curve copying the image then extrude to obtain a solid

then draw two profile curves.These will be not only the "silhouette"of the sole but also part of the complete boot.Extrude them in both parts then make a diff-boolean

after diff-boolean fillet the edges and make the heel (not too's not fetish boots..)You see all latest fashion "rules":plateau,12centimeters height-heel
i have to model in real dimension- 1/1 scale -because unbiased render engines needs it to obtain correct image computation
this could be also the base to do a sandal or a shoe,Moi gives everythig..need just fantasy and style

after filleting select the inner yellow edge,this will be the first section for sweeping

NURBS modeling means obtain a 3d model by its profile's curve so,on the side view, i draw the boot profiles in red, a middle section curve,then a top-end section.
it's very easy this system because it gives you an immediate feedback,with the red profile rails,how your shape will be,but of course don't give you full control
after many tests i arraged the middle section,started like ellipse then added some points on the curve to prevent weird bulging

so: 3 section and 2 rails for sweep

like told before,quick way but no full control..

on the other side,you have a semi-organic can continoue follow this method to obtain a my case i got a clean surface,not networked
this give me a clean mesh when export

mesh exporter in MOI works fantastic!! This example could help CINEMA4D users,like me:choose your setting,just N-GONS,and ...done!

..a mesh like this deserves C4D i use ATOM ARRAY tool:it transform each point of the mesh in sphere,each polygon's edge in cylinder

i choosed 5 subdivisions for the sphere to obtain a "gem" shape,assign a diamond material to the -atom array-then render
see mesh imported in C4D before performing -atom array-

and rendered like a DISCO PARTY style boot,made with stretch elastic-fabric and swarowky crystals on the outern side

see on the bottom sole the seal-warranty...

...leave C4D functions and go back to moi,adding details.I think it can use the shape like a mould, to trim it then flow strings,details to do sandals or shoes

quick render tests using two different materials