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 From:  JDonner
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Just because things don't work for me, it's suddenly a matter of "Not the right program for you"? Yeah right...sigh

I'll give you an example:

The program starts with a selection tool. I click on the center of a polygon, part of a cube. All polygons of the cube are selected. I click again; the actual polygon is selected. I click again; nothing is selected. And this is not confusing to newcomers? Why do I need to read any documentation to simply select a single polygon with a single click?

Another example: I have a cube, I select one side and I extrude; works fine. I select another side. Since this is a new selection and not an additional one like you often get in most other 3D software by using Ctrl, Shift or Alt and since I also don't see any other polygon selected than the one I have selected, since only one turned yellow, I'm assuming that the selected one, the only one that is yellow, will be affected by the extrude. To my surprise it also extruded the previously selected polygon.

Oh, but this confusion has nothing to do with the program, it just means that the program is not right for me? Bull!