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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi JDonner,

> On top of that, I seem to be getting yellow artifacts, when I
> even updated my video driver a few days ago and which is
> not causing any problems in other 3D software or games:
> http://i44.tinypic.com/5u0cid.jpg

That kind of stippling is not any cause for concern - it's caused by having 2 objects of different colors (in this case one selected and one not selected) having some partially overlapping surface area between them. You're just seeing that because you've got several objects that overlap over the same space.

Sometimes that kind of artifact is called "z fighting" - it's a normal thing that with overlapping surface area like that, that neither one is clearly above the other and so which one gets displayed on top basically comes down to numerical noise and you get that kind of display.

It's something that you'll see in a variety of other 3D software as well when you have objects that overlap right on top of each other.

So that's not anything at all to be concerned about by itself.

You may see a variety of display artifacts in the in-viewport display, the whole process depends on your video card and that kind of real time display is more oriented towards making things display quickly and not so much on making a super high quality looking result, and some artifacts are a normal and expected thing that goes along with that.

You have to use a separate rendering program to get higher quality generated images, although even with an offline rendering program you'll still probably get that stippling effect if you have 2 objects of different colors occupying the exact same space.

- Michael