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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi JDonner, wow sounds like you're having a lot of unusual problems!

Maybe MoI is just not the right software for you, some of your comments such as finding this really simple structured forum (I mean come on, there's only one place to post stuff!) confusing is really unusual.... The vast majority of people, even complete novices have not had any difficulty with figuring out the forum so I don't really understand what your problem is for that part.

For selection, you just click on something to select it.

If selection is not working properly for you, then did you possibly set anti-aliasing to be forced on in your video driver settings? With some video drivers forcing that to be on at the driver level will mess up MoI's selection mechanism which relies on getting back some information from the video card to see what is close to the mouse. When that information gets forced to be kind of blurred without MoI requesting it, then that can cause selection problems.

Maybe that is the root of your difficulties - make sure you haven't modified your driver settings to have anti-aliasing forced on, leave it to "application controlled" and see if that helps.

But yes you're generally right about documentation - documentation is not my first priority with MoI, I'm much more focused on the software itself.

If you want a CAD program that has a lot more focus on documentation and numerous tutorials, you will need to go to a different company to get that level of stuff - everything with MoI (including software development, web site development, documentation, support here, etc...) is all the work of just one person so some areas are kind of limited compared to other bigger companies that have stuff like dedicated staff who only have to work on documentation and nothing else.

That may make MoI unsuitable for you.

But I would kind of encourage you to kind of generally calm down and not freak out quite to such a extensive level... If it's something like selection not working for you a simple question like "selection doesn't seem to be working right, is there anything that might be messing it up" would really do the job rather than a full scale meltdown.

- Michael