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 From:  JDonner
"From what you are describing, it sounds like you would prefer to have buggier final release with having to apply patches to them later on instead of solid final releases?"

OMG, stop acting like you're the king of reliable software....seriously!

For your information, I've been working in the IT for almost 24 years, I know all about software and as a matter of fact, I've even been a professional programmer in RPG III/IV on IBM mainframes. Some of the things you said just totally boggles my mind. Let me give you a major wakeup call son;

- a lot of beta testers aren't really serious beta testers. Often they're just curious about the new features and very few take the time to test features that they would never use themselves and often they only take take time to report bugs, if they're affecting THEIR current workflow.

- it's an indisputable fact that the greatest test for any software is the time when it's released and used by thousands or in some cases, millions of users (customers or people who use the trial version), all with different experiences, different configurations, different ways of doing things.

- the huge majority of beta testers are people who already have been using the product for quite some time. You will seldom see them bring up issues that might confuse people who are totally new to the software. You'll be surprised how quick users are, to live with or work around certain shortcomings in the software and simply forget about it over time. They often won't be the ones that point out those shortcomings, only newcomers will and the sad thing often is, when they are pointed out, the long time users often don't take those complaints seriously....after all....they got used to the shortcomings.

- all software of this size and larger contains bugs, PERIOD! Don't act like you're so much more special than anyone else, because you're not. And not only that, also your software will have a few MAJOR bugs that most definitely require an update!

- A lot of updates for a .0 release is NOT a good sign, but having NO updates at all is not a good sign either. Don't pretend that your beta test is so much better than anyone elses, because it's not. No matter which way you want to look at it; MANY potential customers DO look at the update policy of a developer, especially when they require that software for professional purposes. You're just sticking your head in the sand, because all you see is just dollar signs with every major release, updates however are seen by you as a nuisance that don't bring any cash.

I asked if there were any updates, to confirm my suspicions about your so called "support". They are now confirmed. Time to look elsewhere. Bye.