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 From:  jpaluck

I was brand new to modeling when I bought Moi. I have tried every program under the sun..this is the simplest..very intuitive. In the begining I watched Michaels tutorials and then just played around a lot. I started really undertanding things when I read the documentaion Michael has. It is a VERY good explanation of each command. When I finally read the documentation..lot of lightbulbs when off. Also sounds like maybe your approaching this from a ploygon standpoint..ie your mention of selcting a polygon...nurbs are totally different. My 2 cents read the documentaion..it's very helpful.

I would hate to see your post about C4D if you have these kind issues with MOI

Michael - you cant please all the people all of the time. I will say this since buying MOi in 08 and reading here alot..this the first time I have seen a bitch slap of Moi.