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 From:  Grendel
JDonner - Are you more used to polygonal modeling than NURBS based modeling? I am not talking of hypernurbs in C4D because that is polygonal modeling. MOI does not behave like that at all. It is more akin to solid/surface modelers like Rhino, solidworks etc...

It will take a different approach to achieve the same result. For instance this approach to modeling would rarely ever select a polygon or face and attempt to extrude more geometry from it. An approach with this type of software would be to start with a larger chunk of geometry and remove profiles with boolean functions or set up profiles (splines) to use as foundations to create the additional geometry with sweep/extrude/revolve tools.

The only modeler that ever really "bridged the gap" so to speak between the techniques was Amapi/Hexagon which blurred the construction methods of both polygonal and NURBS.