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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi JDonner, you haven't taken enough time to understand how some of the most basic stuff works in MoI.

It's not unusual, especially with 3D programs, that you might need to take a few minutes to learn how some stuff like selection works.

In this first case what you are describing here:

I click on the center of a polygon, part of a cube. All polygons of the cube are selected. I click again; the actual polygon is selected. I click again; nothing is selected. And this is not confusing to newcomers?

That's what's called "drill in" selection - it is what allows you to select sub-objects like a face or an edge. The first click does "whole object" selection, and a second click on the same object will "drill in" and select a sub-object. Then with the 3rd click you're doing deselection, because other than the special case of the initial drill-in, a click on an already selected object will deselect it.

Also yes you're right MoI behaves a bit different with regards to selection than other programs - with MoI you're always in "multiple selection" mode, meaning you don't have to hold down shift or ctrl to select multiple things, it just always does that automatically. That's one of the features of MoI, that you don't have to keep touching the keyboard a million times a day to do basic stuff.

This is all quite clearly and simply described in the documentation selection section here:

How is it that you expect me to spend a lot more time writing documentation when you won't even read the short introduction document that already addresses the stuff that you need to know and are complaining about?

- Michael