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 From:  JDonner
I downloaded the trial, the help is useless and obviously written by someone who doesn't like to produce detailed documentation, the videos on the resource page often don't explain anything with annotations or comments and the ones that do have annotations or comments don't explain any basics and neither do any written tutorial that I've found.

Selecting polygons or lines is confusing and I can't even get a simple extrude going and when I do I don't even know what's happening. On other occasions I manage to extrude but then it extrudes parts of other objects too, when they don't seem to be selected. On top of that, I seem to be getting yellow artifacts, when I even updated my video driver a few days ago and which is not causing any problems in other 3D software or games:


I also have no clue if this program is ever updated, because I don't feel confident with any software that jumps from a x.0 releases to the next x.0 release without any updates.

3D is not new for me, I've been using C4D for a while now and even fiddled with some other 3D software. I'm just getting more and more interested in nurbs modeling and that's why I'm trying this program. because I really like how smooth it performs and how "clean" the interface is. It's just that I have so many things that confuse me and there is hardly any documentation. Even this forum layout and its use is awkward.

Btw, to understand my frustration: I own two large Photoshop sites for over 8 years now. I make a habit of writing super detailed documentation and tutorials and have been praised for this many times, even in the press, so needless to say that I get really annoyed once I need help from others, all I get is poor documentation and help. I write detailed stuff NOT because I'm trying to sell Photoshop, this site however is trying to sell a $300 program. Well, if you want to be successful, then make at least some effort like I've been doing for many years (for free) to please your (potential) customers or in my case, just my visitors. To be honest, I'm almost willing to spend $200 more on Bonzai 3D just because of their excellent documentation and videos. I don't think I'm being unfair here with observation.

The fact that I'm so really annoyed should tell you something about what others might experience too. Lots of people like me don't like to dig for every piece of info spread all over the internet (reminds me of Linux), we have a life, a family, work and often little time. Why is it so hard for you to sit down for 2 weeks to produce some nice tutorials, documents (which are well illustrated) or videos? Just because you don't like to do that for a $300 program?