An agreeable surprise

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Thanks Petr!

Yeah, this is another benefit of the new canceling mechanism for fillets, booleans and offsets - everything stays alive like normal in the application during these heavy calculations instead of freezing up.

I had been planning on this for a long time, but I had to wait until several pieces were in place to make it possible.

The nice thing is that this should take away any fear of experimenting with fillets, booleans, and shelling - previously you may have been rather wary of using these commands in certain circumstances, wondering if they would take a long time, etc.. Now you should be able to use them more freely since you can bail out.

The new mechanism seems to be working well, I haven't heard any reports of it messing up yet, that's a good sign!

As a "side" benefit, it turns any crashes in the geometry library code for these commands into simple failures instead of crashing the main program - this is pretty big since these were by far the cause of most MoI crashes.

If you time it right, you can actually see your new model pop into place right in the middle of a rotate, zoom or pan... :)

- Michael