My Kingdom For A Throne!

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
Thanks guys!

It wasn't going to be any more complex than a simple decorative handle - but this darned MoI thing is so intuitive and easy to use, it allows your imagination to take control and run a mock...

Like a cunning Pied Piper of creativity! There's just got to be something sinister built into MoI. ;-) Remember the line that declared "Soylent Green is People!"? Take heed!

I made the .obj file so heavy laden with polys that my home PC's Kerky refused to work with it. The PC at work did fine.
But I still have a learning curve in working with texture UV placement and the strange thing where the lid on the tank in this model has a different look even though it has the same material assignment as the tank object below it.

I've been very pleased with MoI's lesser advertised CAD features dealing with construction line nuances and with the basic features such as move, copy and rotate.
Not too many people know that you can set up division snaps ticks along a guideline by clicking on the white tag. But it helps to know to use those scripts that allow for keeping the CL's on the screen.

Good job with the new deformation tools. A real bit of creative power is being realized for the app renown for it's graceful simplicity.