My Kingdom For A Throne!

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
Thanks guys!!! :-)

Burr - I'd settle for a MoI luau! mmmmm... roast pigs and hula girls!

Felix - (Michael, could you shed any light on this subject?) - I pretty much join surfaces to make the whole of the combined surface a little easier to select and work with, but yes, it makes rendering a little nicer when there are no gaps. MoI will "weld" together the edges.
Are there any noted advantages on your part when the surfaces are left intact? I'm always open to learning the nuances of other peoples MoI proficiencies.
You bring up a good point too: Is there a way to control the direction of the normals when exporting an .obj to a stand-alone renderer like Kerkythea.
Is that what the non-UI command "Flip" does?

Bard - I like that! I did have a quick thought to include a guilded metal holder for a drink cups and other things, but when one brings the dining room and bathroom too close together, one runs the risk of creating a human feedback-loop.
(eew... did I write that?)

I think I might make a small tut or two for some of the elements on the handle. But the majority of the elements are actually just Revolved profiles.
The handle, the tank wall escutcheons and the flow action on the weight might be good to show.