MMCX Connector Tut?

 From:  OSTexo
Hello Michael,

The file is quite large, around 30MB in size. That's for the Flow example. My problem is I never bothered to take screenshots of the old Flow operation, I can only provide the screenshots of the new. Is this OK? I could provide the file for download to you, I can email the link as an option. The Twist example is even larger around 50MB, but there is no questions that the Flow method is faster, if I throw fillets into the cutting object using the Twist method it takes about 30-60 seconds to Boolean each pass. Even then the Boolean doesn't always work, it leaves some material in the base solid that should be removed, but it looks like I'm really stressing the system at that point, and it's beta so I'm not complaining, just informing in case it crops up again somewhere else. Thanks.