How to make this faucet

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rich_Art,

> Thus how I can make a smooth transition between the
> base (round part) and the watertap (the smaller long part)

So usually when you say something like "Smooth transition", that's going to mean using Fillet or Blend to connect pieces together.

Also if you want other areas to appear flush to one another that can also be achieved by building a bigger extended piece and then slicing chunks of that away.

So using that approach in this case could go something like this:

Starting with one profile, I then used Offset on it to make a bigger version of it for the flare-out kind of shape, and then positioned the profiles like this:

Then Construct > Loft can be used to build the base big block:

Now to carve away some pieces of this, I took the other pieces of these circles here:

And lofted those to make one cutting surface:

Then I drew in a line in the side profile and extruded it to make the other cutting surface:

Take the plane and use Edit > Trim to cut it with the base block to cut away the outer portion of it, which will leave these pieces, each of which hug the inside of the block so they match up well:

Since they now match up well they can be trimmed to each other to produce this piece:

Now the block can be trimmed using that as the cutting object, then join the pieces together to make this solid:

Then you round off this edge with a fillet:

Anyway, that's another kind of approach that you can use if you are trying to build something that looks like one larger piece with some cut away portions, you can actually build it that way starting with a large piece and then cutting it up.

- Michael