V3 features

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike,

> I hope some of these things are in consideration: :-)

Those things will get lost in this thread - please prioritize your top 5 and put them on the Top 5 features for v3 request thread here:

> 3) A view control for angular Orthographic Projection. (Shown below)

There are already controls for this under Options > View - set the view to be orthographic by setting Options > View > "3D View projection" = Parallel.

Then some specific angles for the view direction can be set with the dialog that pops up with the "3D view angles" button again on Options > View.

Some particular orthographic views use some specific view angles set by a formula - you can set up a script to set those angles with a shortcut key, see the Set isometric and Set dimetric scripts on Petr's page here:

- Michael